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3rd February 2020
First Week of Classes; Yrs 5&6 Biolab Science; Yrs 7&8 Bimbi Park Camp; Yrs &&8 Indigenous Day; Yr12 Info Day

Our first full week of classes so all teachers meet all their students, finally!

Year 5/6 students take part in some active science with Biolab measuring different bodily functions  to do with sport and interpreting this information.

Year 7&8 students go on an orientation camp at Bimbi Park (thanks as always to Kat and Frank for hosting) which also involves exploration of their integrated unit ‘Mini Worlds’. They'll have talks from local Indigenous people and conservation scientists to learn about land use and changes.

Year 7&8 students also take part in an Indigenous day on Friday involving traditional weaving, sport and dance. This is all aimed at improving understanding, increasing knowledge and creating a sense of pride in Australia’s Indigenous history.

Year 12 information night is next Wednesday 12th of February for relevant families. 


ab p12cFor more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

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