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2nd March 2020
GTAC Visit; Impro Melbourne Visit; Athletics; Weekend Intruders

A ‘wonder week’ at school starting off with a visit from GTAC to discuss the wonder of bees, flowers and pollination with our Year 5&6 students. They also worked with Year 12 students on DNA techniques to diagnose members of the family who would be sufferers of mitochondrial disease.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Impro Melbourne who performed improv drama shows for P-10 students and ran some workshops with some classes as well. It was hilarious and inspiring for the budding thespians amongst our population.

Friday was our home-grown Olympics with plenty of faster, stronger, higher moments as all students took part in athletics events. The Year 12s were especially impressive competing in their Sesame Street/Muppet outfits.

And finally, we are concerned that our school grounds are being used late at night over weekends, with mess having to be cleaned up before school begins, such as the chess pieces and lost property strewn about. Our school is not public property and we hope the community can help us protect it. If you see suspicious or inappropriate activity on the school grounds – please call 000.


ab p12cFor more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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