Hooley Dooley! What a success story!dooleys

15th June 2014 

Most people who walk into Apollo Bay's Dooley's Ice Cream Tub, run by Dooley and his daughter Alyciandra, don't look at the walls.  The display cabinets are the primary focus with their ever changing array of exotic flavours like liquorice, almond, panna cotta, pistachio, truffle and Vegemite (yes Vegemite) and many many more.

But even a casual glance at the surroundings will reveal that Dooley's must surely be the most awarded ice cream maker in the country.  In total, they have won 227 Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards since 2008,  6 trophies, 1 silver plate, and have been a finalist for the best of the best in Australia 5 times from 2010 to 2014.

The last lot of awards won were from Dairy Industry Association of Australia 2014 where they won 9 Gold and 7 Silver awards.  Dooley's Ice Cream won the silver NAB plate for the Most Successful Exhibitor at the Dairy Industry Association of Australia 2014.

But perhaps the most exciting award of all, the
Australian Grand Dairy Awards
2013 Champion Trophy

was given to Dooley’s for their


It's the ultimate award, making it

What's more every Apollo Bay school student - up to grade 6 - gets a free Dooley's Ice Cream on their birthday.

Dooley's is a great example of how passion can deliver success for local businesses on a grand scale.  Photo shows Alyciandra and Dooley collecting yet another gong.

Dooleys award

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