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8th July 2018
OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 314 - July 8 2018

Apologies Cr. S. Hart

- The Planning Ministers Panel on the Barham Valley mega resort has finally received more information from the developer/speculator.

- The Panel has now received a revised application that has been released for public submissions until July 27th.

- Requests to be heard at the Panel hearings also must be in by July 27th.

- It is anticipated that a second Directions Hearing will be held in late August.

- Then Colac Otway councillors will have to vote to support or oppose the application.

- The main panel hearing is not expected to commence before mid September.

- It is VERY IMPORTANT to review this new revised application and make a written submission if you are concerned.

- Many important issues surrounding the application remain unresolved.

- Visit the COS Customer Service Centre in Apollo Bay and/or the Objectors office to find out more.

- The Objectors group is looking for volunteers to staff the office and help with the Facebook page during this important period.

- VicRoads staff will be at Skenes Creek caravan park this Thursday 10-12am for a Great Ocean Road information session and tree planting.

- Please attend to also get an update on the planned Skenes Creek to Forest road upgrade.

- Three more local rock armouring projects along the GOR to commence in August.

- At least 15 other areas are also under threat of collapse or inundation and are to be reinforced.

- Back and front beaches continue to be replenished with sand from inside the harbour and the Pt Bunbury groyne area.

- About one metre from the base of the latest replenishment works was lost after last weekend’s swell.

- DELWP workshop reported that most of the sand, that has washed away from last year’s work, has not resettled on the beaches.

- Now the area where that sand was harvested is more vulnerable to storm surges and rising sea levels.

- If this cycle of rising sea levels and increasingly more frequent and powerful storm surges continues, there will soon not be enough sand for further replenishment.

-  Our local State Gov. MP Richard Riordan to hold a forum on coastal erosion issues in Apollo Bay in early August?

- The state governments Victorian Coastal Council new report – Preparing for the Future, predicts sea level rise of 59 cms by 2070.

- With the probability of higher levels as the Antarctic ice sheet melt continues to accelerate.

- Project Control Group for a harbour redevelopment to meet this month for an update on the formal Expression Of Interest process.

- Large log trucks are still using Binns road even in wet weather and are creating dangerous conditions with at least one recent accident.

- With more tourists and locals using Binns something needs to be done soon!

- Safety vehicles in front of trucks? wet weather restrictions? warning signage?


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