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10th October 2018
OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 317 - October 12 2018

Cr. Stephen Hart  and Cr. Chris Potter in attendance.

- Panel hearings for 275 Barham River Road mega resort finished this week.

- Final report from the panel not expected till the new year.

- Then whoever is the state Planning Minister may take further time to make a final decision.

- Many excellent submissions opposing the proposal, from the real expert witnesses – the local residents.

- COS opposes the proposal and this process has cost us the ratepayers $180,000.

- What a waste of time and money for something that should not have got past the very first meeting with the planning officers.

- Great Ocean Road Task Force has released its action plan with over 30 recommendations.

- There will become a single management Authority that will act as a referral authority to direct planning to ensure that development is appropriate.

- The chairman’s report suggested that the impact of tourism is already at tipping point in terms of reputational damage.

- And we should be heading more towards quality of experience and increasing spend rather than quantity of tourism.

- For further information go to planning.vic.gov.au GOR taskforce

- Also an information session at the Golf Club  23rd Oct. 6-7pm.

- For further information and to make comment on the erosion /sea level rise issues at Apollo Bay go to engage.vic.gov.au  Erosion Apollo Bay.

- Open for comment until Oct. 21st.

- Final report with options and recommendations before the end of this year?

- Apollo Bay harbour redevelopment process now to proceed to a Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP).

- This will involve a consultancy to come up with an overarching plan for public infrastructure, a draft Development Plan within the harbour precinct, traffic and parking issues, central foreshore plan, drainage, trails etc.

- This plan will involve community consultation and may take 6 months to complete.

- This can then lead into an Expression Of Interest process for private investment within the precinct.

- $14m now required to bring the harbour back to full working order.

- Thanks to COS for some improvements in Ramsden Ave. parking for clinic patients. Kerb and channelling next?

- New COS Mayor in November?

- COS regular council meeting in Apollo Bay 24th Oct Sen. Cits 4pm. Get your questions ready now.

- Is there $500,000 savings in the budget and where will they be spent?

- Meet Richard Riordan MP at the bakery this Thursday to discuss any local issues of concern.

- Discuss a new roundabout and moving the war memorial with vic roads at the Golf Club 23rd Oct. 4-7pm

- This could lead to a new and better amphitheatre at the current site on the foreshore. Have your say!

- Waste forum at the Casino room Apollo Bay Hotel 24th Oct. 7pm.

- Well done to all who organised and voted for the 3 community projects to be funded by the state government.

- Beware of slippery white lines, when wet, on GOR near the Rec. reserve.




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