OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 319 - December 9 2018

Cr. Stephen Hart in attendance.

Community Infrastructure

A Tender document is now on the COS website for a consultancy for a Community Infrastructure Plan for AB.

Tender open until 19th Dec. Have a look to see how this process will progress.

This will cover the area between Marengo and Skenes creek, including the foreshores and harbour precinct.

Public consultation shall commence early in the process.

As part of this process a detailed Development Plan for harbour precinct will be produced.

The process may take 12 months to complete before any works can begin.


Boat ramp car park sealing to be completed early in the new year.

Will this reduce the number of parking spots for vehicles and trailers?

A further $14m still required for infrastructure upgrades at the harbour.

Town Issues

McLachlan and Cawood streets breaking up badly.

Footpath needed or at least lines painted on Montrose Ave. leading to industrial estate, as its becoming busy with pedestrians heading to Hello Coffee.

Planning for a community waste food composter has commenced.

The only one for a small town in the state. Well done to the organisers!!

This will reduce landfill, create a usable/saleable compost product and a job.

Council Matters

Staff turnover at COS has increased in the last 12 months. Why?

COS Ordinary council meeting in AB next February.

Please attend and ask a question from the floor.

Councillor Code of Conduct policy has now been weakened? Why??

Congratulations to the new COS Mayor Jason Schram.

A pest controller by trade, he should be able to maintain order at COS meetings!!

Electoral Redistribution & State Election

Polling by the Geelong Advertiser shows Sarah Henderson’s support has collapsed on first preferences.

It has dropped to 32% in the new Corangamite electorate.

Labor 41%, Greens 11%, others 11% and undecided 5%

AB and Aireys Inlet were the only booths in the Polwarth state electorate where Labor won the primary vote at the recent state election.

AB booth first preferences Labor 384, Liberal 354, Greens 209, Socialists 14, Animal Justice 25, Informal 40.

After preferences Labor 576, Liberal 410

Greens preferences went 166 to Labor, 43 to Liberal.

Audit needs to be done on COS buildings in AB as some need urgent repairs?


Objectors to 275 Barham resort  AGM this Thursday 7pm Youth Club. Find out the latest news.

Parks & Walking Tracks

Walking track to Wild Dog will be repaired in time for holiday period. Well done OCC.

Back beach walking track needs windblown sand removed regularly, plus a new sand trapping fence required.

Another meeting with Parks Vic on reopening Mariners Falls walk has been held, but without a result so far.

Feral deer becoming a wide spread issue of concern in the Southern Otways. Even observed in the main street.


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