OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 320 - January 13, 2019

Cr. Stephen Hart in attendance.

- Well done to all who opposed the Barham resort proposal that the Planning Minister comprehensively rejected.

- But why did it take 18 months when it should have been rejected at the very first meeting with the beauracrats from COS, RDV and Tourism vic.

- Obviously no one learnt from the Great Ocean Green fiasco that dragged on for 7 long years.

- Read John Spencers account of that fiasco on the Otway Forum website.

- There needs to be accountability at COS for this latest waste of over $200,000 of ratepayers money..

- Council officers were still advocating for the resort to be given the go ahead right up until the August 2018 COS meeting in Apollo Bay.

- All councillors then wisely rejected the application.

- So $100,000? was spent trying to progress the application before another $100,000? was spent to oppose it.

- There needs to be better guidelines for council officers and other beauracrats, when dealing with developers/speculators

- Hopefully this case will set a precedent state wide so all communities don’t have to waste their time, money and stress levels doing what their council employees should be doing!!!!

- A line in the sand !!!

- Another report on the erosion issues at Apollo Bay came to light last week.

- It reports that just simply renourishing the front and back beach’s with sand is failing spectacularly and so far has cost close to $400,000.

- We didn’t need a report to tell us the obvious, but now its official.

- The next emergency response, a revetment wall at Milford street, had storm surges reaching up to just under the walking track level on a medium sized swell last week.

- The GDH report released in Dec. raised the option of multiple groynes going out to sea as the next response.

- Groynes at Point Bunbury and Wild Dog creek have trapped sand to widen the beach and heighten the dunes.

- If this still fails to halt the increasing storm surges and rising sea levels, the GOR may have to be moved further inland especially where its built on and near the primary dune.

- This was the final option presented  in the GHD report.

- Hazard mapping images are also now available for the front and back beaches.

- All reports should be immediately placed on the Otway Coast Committee website.

- Residents need to be informed on all the issues as an information day and public submissions period is planned early this year.

- There is talk of a new Western Coastal Alliance being formed to advocate on planning and climate issues all along the coast.  

- Similar to Greater Torquay Alliance. See their webpage and facebook.

- Friends of the Earth also want to get involved.

- Please sign the petition against Big Oil in the Great Australian Bight and seismic testing in Bass Strait.

- Hopefully it will be presented to council at their next meeting and they can vote to support the campaign at the Feb. council meeting in AB.

- Tendering has been extended for a consultancy worth $200,000? for a Community Infrastructure Plan.

- This will address harbour planning and public foreshore areas between Marengo and Skenes creek.

- A tender is also open for sealing of boat ramp car park

- Tourism Parking and Traffic Strategy also open for comment now.

- Closes early March. info sessions in Feb. Now’s your chance!!!!

- Illegal camping on air field reserve being investigated by COS?

- Rubbish bins haven’t been replaced along foreshore walking track. Did rising sea levels get them?

- Footpath to industrial estate to be put in next year’s budget.


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