OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 323 - May 19, 2019

Cr. Stephen Hart in attendance.

- Election results from Apollo Bay booth - Rise Up Australia 2, Labor 245, Greens 135, Animal Justice 10, Ind. Cole 34, Liberal 264, United Aust. 9, Hinch 14,

- Two party preferred Labor 410, Liberal 303.

- 5.3% swing to Labor since 2016. (pork not so popular?)

- Senate Labor 194, Liberal 199, Greens 135.

- New NBN tower at the top of Tuxion Road, but wind turbines still not allowed.

- COS voted on new roundabout at this Wednesdays ordinary meeting.

- Will a roundabout create grid lock in the main street during busy periods with Nelson St. to have right of way?

- Roundabouts on the GOR in Lorne and Anglesea cause massive back up of traffic during busy periods.

- There is a proposal for COS to borrow more money – up to $12m.

- Currently there must be a strong business case considering social, environmental and economics before this can occur.

- But this could be rescinded?

- Contact your councillors if you are concerned!!

- COS budget out for comment.

- One proposal is to cut wages and services by $450,000?

- What’s the long term plan for the Nelson St. community services office, now that staff are being moved to the info centre?

- Could it be used by the newly proposed Great Ocean Road Authority?

- Or will it be just sold off?

- Please attend the Golf Club on 18th June 6-8pm for an update on the proposed new GOR Authority.

- The results from the review of local council wards to be released on May 22.

- First meeting of harbour Project Control Group with TRACT consultants on the Community Infrastructure Plan on June 24th.

- Hopefully the CIP will be open for public comment by the end of the year.  

- More sand renourishment at front and back beaches commencing this week.

- More reports from DEWLP on long term erosion solutions due in the next few months.

- How about some recommendations, some commitments and dollars??

- Another large storm predicted for next Sunday/Monday.

- Go to engagevic.gov.au Erosion Apollo Bay. What we heard March 2019. for summary of feedback from last DEWLP information days in March.

- More rock revetment walls currently being built between Apollo Bay and Lorne as sea level rise continues to accelerate.

- 20 new walls in total and more work required at Mt. Defiance.    


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