OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 322 - April 14, 2019

Apologies Cr. Chris Potter

- The northern section of Binn’s road to be sealed for $500,000.

- The road is now receiving ever more tourist traffic going to the Californian redwoods.

- With log trucks also using the road the whole distance needs sealing and better signage.

- Road Maintenance Agreements also needed with the logging company.

- TRACT Consultants have been appointed to oversee the proposed Community Infrastructure Plan.

- The CIP will cover all public infrastructure between Marengo, Apollo bay and Skenes creek.

- There will be plenty of opportunity for public consultation before a Draft Master Plan is produced by the end of this year.

- A foreshore master plan, a township plan and a harbour redevelopment master plan, etc. will be included.

- Multiple studies such as flora and fauna, cultural heritage, ground water, etc. will have to be produced during the process.

- After further consultation on the Draft Plan, a final Master Plan will be produced next year.

- More funding will then be needed to complete all aspects of the final plan.

- Funding of a least $7m is also needed urgently to fix current infrastructure issues at the harbour

- Mean while the erosion issues seem to be accelerating.

- DEWLP still looking at a long term solution which may include groynes.

- Groynes have previously been estimated to cost up to $1m each.

- The most likely scenario is 4 on the front beach and 4 on the back beach.

- A bigger more mobile dredge is also needed to pump offshore sand on to the beaches behind the groynes and keep the harbour clear.

- A decision needs to be made asap to prevent further loss of the beach front.

1904 gorcc sea level report- Planning for rerouting the GOR in certain areas has also been recommended.

- GORCC and the CSIRO have studied all these issues in detail 6 years ago in a major report which makes for very sobering reading.  Click on the picture to the right to see the report.

- Still the bureaucrats and the politicians hesitate to commit to long term solutions !!!???

- Emergency funding of $20,000 has been provided for a fence to stop the very fine reclaimed sand from the harbour, blowing on to the GOR at the back beach.

- Good luck with that idea!!

- Great Ocean Road Authority has reached the Standing Committee? stage.

- Terms of reference, funding, staffing, location, objectives, legislation etc. yet to be decided.

- Should there be a moratorium on all major developments on public and private land until GORA is in place?

- Harbour boat ramp car park sealing to start soon.

- Holiday home owners should be enrolled to vote in local council elections.

- Pick your preference on the review of wards for COS by 24th April.

- If you want local representation on COS it is VERY important to pick option B or C.


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