OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 325 - Jul 14, 2019

Apologies Cr. Stephen Hart

- We are still waiting for a decision by the local government minister on the Local Council Representation Review.

- The recommendation was for a new wards based council for COS.

- Meanwhile another proposal from the Victorian Electoral Commission for single member wards has surfaced, with consultation closed this week?

- Will this disadvantage independent and small party candidates?

- Non resident ratepayers will also have to register to vote in local council elections?

- Conservative COS councillors Smith, McCracken, Hanson and Schram have voted for a very small rate increase of 0.5%.

- Rate increases are capped at 2.5% by the state government except in special circumstances.

- With such a small rate increase staff and services may have to be cut and the budget redrafted?

- COS fees and charges are open for public comment until August 14th. Go to COS website or Customer Service for details.

- COS to adopt a Draft Complaints Policy.

- Great Ocean Road Authority to be in place by the end of 2020, but head office unlikely to be based in Apollo Bay.

- Legislation, policies, planning processes, supporting initiatives and a new dedicated parks authority are currently being worked on.

- Budgets and staffing will then be needed.

- Otway Coast Committee to be amalgamated with the existing Great Ocean Road Coast Committee?

- Consultation session on Apollo Bay Community Infrastructure Plan this Friday 1-4pm at the Golf club.

- This is your chance to have your say !!!!!!

- Or fill in the online survey at here.

- The latest Draft Marine and Coastal Policy document is available for comment at engage.vic.gov.au

- It has a strong emphasis on “embedding climate change impacts in ALL aspects of our planning”

- The final policy document will be released by the end of 2019

- Will this policy document influence the proposed new coastal walking tracks between Wild Dog Ck. and Fairhaven??

- Still waiting on a recommendation and a preferred option from DELWP, for a long term solution for the front and back beach erosion.

- New fence to be built along the back beach soon?

- Emergency sand carting continues as further rock walls are built between Apollo Bay and Lorne.


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