OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 330 - Dec 9, 2019

Cr. Stephen Hart in attendance


- Dredging of the AB harbour to begin after next Easter.

- Dredging will be concentrated on the central area rather than the new eastern beach next to the big wall.

- Online survey on the issues raised by the Community  Infrastructure Plan open until 20th December.

- Go to colacotway.vic.gov.au/Community-consultations/Community-Infrastructure-Plan-Apollo-Bay-Skenes-Creek-Marengo-Survey.

- Or contact COS for a hard copy of the survey and then return it to COS.

- This is your chance to have a say in the future development of AB.

- A draft of the final plan will be available for further comment in the new year before the final plan goes to council mid next year.

- Monash University students displayed their excellent projects on future ideas for Apollo bay at the information day, but unfortunately they are not part of the CIP.

Great Ocean Road / Costal Erosion

- The proposed new GOR Authority is also looking for feedback until 15th Dec. Go to engage.vic.gov.au/great-ocean-road.

- Leases for Kennett River and Skenes Creek camp grounds also being reviewed as they expire next year.

- Will the shop at Skenes remain if DELWP change the current leasing arrangement?

- New erosion report just released. It can be found at engage.vic.gov.au/apollo-bay-and-marengo-community-consultation. Then look under document library>see more.

- This report can also be found on the Otway Forum website.

- It’s a very detailed 100 page report that’s easy to read but it only has a very brief mention on climate change/sea level/storm surge implications!!!!

- The report draws obvious conclusions and recommends further studies that will need further funding applications!!

- This is the 13th report? on erosion issues produced in the last 25 years?

- But very few long term solutions have been put in place. Only emergency revetment walls and sand carting.

- So far $400,000 has been spent over the last 5 years on sand renourishment?

- Another report on Issues and Opportunities for Coastal Development as part of the CIP has also been produced and will be soon put on the COS and Otway Forum websites.

- Victorian Marine Coastal Council to release its 5 yearly policy/strategy report soon.

- This will become the guiding state government document on coastal development and other issues.

Colac Otway Shire

- New waste collection contract for COS next year.

- Only 3 bins for each household but perhaps further sorting could be done at the transfer station by concerned residents?

- Green waste goes to a composting business in Camperdown.

- Bins should be returned to the walking track to Wild Dog.

- Binns Road from Beech Forest to the redwoods to be sealed.

- Recordings of council meetings can be accessed on the COS website. Please tune in to hear local government in action! Go to colacotway.vic.gov.au/Council-the-shire/Council-meetings/Audio-Recordings-of-Council-Meetings.

- A new local government bill to go to state parliament in Feb. This may affect how many councillor’s will represent each ward in COS.

- Blue Water sporting facility litigation finally settled at a cost of $.5m?

- Fire restrictions now in force

- Very long grass along roadsides through out COS.


Otway Forum meets 2nd Sunday of every month at 3pm at Marrar Woorn or find us at www.forum.apollobay.org.au

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Hon. Secretary
Otway Forum

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