OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 329 - Nov 10, 2019

Apologies Crs. Hart and Potter.

Apologies Cr. Potter. Cr. Hart in attendance

- COS Annual Report now available.

- COS rated as a low financial risk shire.

- Revaluation of property values for rates now done every year.

- As the farm rate has now dropped residential and commercial rates will go up.

- Funding priorities for COS are listed in the Oct. Agenda.

- Top of the list is a proposal for a $100,000? feasibility study to pump treated waste water 50kms, from the Black Rock treatment facility to fill Lake Colac for tourism purposes?

- $400m capital costs? And $1m annual running costs? Surely that rules out its feasibility?

- The lake is heavily silted and shallow so evaporation will be very high.

- Only Cr. Stephen Hart apposes this proposal.

- Barwon Water is currently studying how to use this valuable resource that is currently being pumped into Bass Strait.

- Our waste water is also pumped into the sea at Marengo.

- COS to contribute $200,000 annually for running costs  for AB pool.

- Skenes Ck. to Forrest road works to commence this month.

- Also Hardy St. to be repaired this month by COS.

- Should there be more separation of rubbish at the recycle station by residents rather than more wheelie bins on the street?

- Printer cartridges, old phones and small batteries can be left at COS customer service area at the Visitor Information Centre.

- Tennis and netball courts need resurfacing. Can COS help with funding?

- Still waiting on the decision on the review of council wards.

- Now the whole local council act is up for review and the minister will have the final say.

- Community Infrastructure Plan information sessions at the Golf club Nov. 22 and 23.

- GOR Authority update also available at the info day.

- Very important that locals attend and give them feedback on our priorities.

- This will include many projects between Skenes Ck. and Marengo.

- Some projects have been funded but many haven’t.

- DELWP and the responsible state minister will have the final say on the projects as many are in the at risk coastal zone.

- The latest coastal erosion report will be released at the meeting but now won’t include options or costs – just more background information.

- Further vegetation lost on dune faces at the back  beach east of the current replenishment zone.

- Half the sand that was placed on the back beach this year has already washed away.

- $1.5m of federal money to be spent in safe federal liberal seat at Mt. Martha to build groyne, walls and replenish sand on the beach.

- The top priority for AB  must be to secure the front and back beaches and therefore the GOR.

- The CIP won’t??? be addressing the recommendation from the last erosion report to investigate the possible rerouting of some sections of the GOR that are at risk of inundation.

1911 forum report- The proposed new Wild Dog Creek bridge to now be raised by 1.1mtrs next year, to allow for predicted sea level rise.

- Dredging of harbour to commence next year with offshore dispersal?

- This sand could be placed next to rock groynes to stabilize the beaches.

- A new Federal Government Understanding Regional Tourism Report now available.


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