OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 331 - Jan 12, 2020

Crs. Hart and Potter in attendance.

- A very successful regenerative farming conference held in Colac last month.

- New ideas for a new future for Australian farming as the Climate Emergency accelerates!!!

- NOPSEMA has granted the second of the four approvals needed for exploratory oil drilling to commence in the Great Australian Bight.

- Seismic blasting to commence this month in western Bass Strait to search for more fossil fuels to exploit.

- This will effect juvenile crayfish, abalone and scallop’s.

- When will the fossil fools in Canberra listen to the scientists????

- Climate and Biodiversity Emergency Petition to be tabled at the COS ordinary council meeting in February.

- COS to vote on petition at the March meeting in Apollo Bay.

- Please sign the petition at the newsagency.

- Tenders have been advertised to repair the lee and outer harbour walls.

- Will this help slow the sand entering the harbour as it erodes off the back beach?

- 56,000cb/mtrs of sand to be pumped out of the harbour in April/May this year.

- Will this help slow the severe erosion along the AB front beach?

- Or will the beach/sand continue to wash away?

- If groynes were built this sand would be trapped and the beach would be widened and heightened.

- An opportunity lost??

- Latest erosion report recommends further studies before any long term action is taken.

- Find the link to this report - AB Coastal Geomorphology Study Nov. 2019 on the Otway Forum website.

- Signage needed at Cawood St. beach to maximise parking spaces.

- The 5 yearly Victorian Coastal Strategy overdue.

- More community consultation on the Draft Community Infrastructure Plan before Easter?

- A bill to establish the new Great Ocean Road Authority to be introduced in state parliament soon.

- Will there be local public representation in the new authority and will they listen to local knowledge?

- The City Deal money, to build new tourism infrastructure, still not released.

- The Local Council Representation Review to likely mean COS remains the same – unsubdivided wards.

- This will disadvantage AB voters and smaller parties in city electorates.

- The review will likely mean holiday home owners will have to re-register to vote in COS.

- Please attend the Community Fire Planning Workshop at the CFA this Sat. 10 to 1pm.

- Apollo Bay IS becoming more vulnerable to bushfires!

- Can the fire siren be reinstated in AB? It must only be used for fires.

- Binns Rd. from the redwoods to Beech Forrest to be sealed before winter this year.

- Would traffic lights instead of a pedestrian crossing relieve congestion in the main street?

- Can the current kindergarten be kept as a public building if a new one is built at the school.


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