Otway Forum Report

14th November 2017
OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 307 & AGM - Nov. 12th

Cr. Chris Potter in attendance. Apologies Cr. Hart.

- Congratulations to new Mayor Joe McCracken and Deputy Jason Schram

- Let’s HOPE they listen to what the Apollo Bay community wants for a harbour redevelopment and the resort proposal.

- Close to 200 objections to 275 Barham River Rd. Resort application so far.

- 12 letters of support.

- Submissions will still be accepted by COS.

- Submissions can be viewed at the shire office.

- 500 plus members of Objectors Association so far, with shop front in Moore St. and Facebook page.

- SGM of AB Chamber of Commerce passed motions to withdraw support for resort application and maintain a neutral position.

- The book by John Spencer on the Great Ocean Green planning fiasco now available online on the Forum website and Apollo Bay Community Website. Thanks Jill Spencer!!

- Let’s hope the current resort application proposal is not as stressful to our community as Great Ocean Green was.

- Also lets hope it doesn’t drag on and cost the rate and taxpayers as much as GOG did.

- COS only charged the developer $28,300 to process his application for a $70m plus development?

- A Planning Consultant, Brydon King has all ready been working on the project for several months for COS.

- Who pays once the $28,300 has been spent??

- COS Rating Strategy Review soon to be released.

- Project Control Group for a harbour redevelopment, to meet next week to progress Expression Of Interest process.

- EOI process expected to cost over $150,000

- Temporary toilet and shower below co-op site now being heavily used by back packers.

- Otway Forum recently presented at a Parliamentary Inquiry in Colac that’s looking at rates and planning issues that affect rural shires.

- Forum’s presentation included a review of the Great Ocean Green planning fiasco and the current resort proposal.

- Also covered was the way rates are spent on a top heavy bureaucracy and endless unpopular consultancies that are rarely acted upon.

- Also discussed was the how the political representation in our electorate at state and federal levels affects funding in COS.

- Also the damage caused to the GOR by the increasing number of large buses was mentioned.

- Should only smaller buses be allowed? They would be safer for all road users as well!!!

- Should they be licensed and numbers restricted?

- $3-4 million walking track proposal, from Wild Dog to Skenes Creek, open for public comment.

- Would this money be better spent on groynes to protect the Great Ocean Road and current walking tracks, as proposed 20 years ago?

- Apollo Bay harbour continues to fill with sand and create dangerous conditions for boat operators.

- Dangerous swimming signage required at back and front beaches in foreign languages.

Otway Forum meets 2nd Sunday of every month at 3pm at Marrar Woorn or find us at www.forum.apollobay.org.au

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Hon. Secretary
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