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17th December 2017
OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 308 - Dec. 10th

Cr. Potter and Cr. Hart in attendance.

- The Apollo Bay harbour redevelopment process continues, with councillors  approving an Expression Of Interest process and approx. time line, at the Dec. COS council meeting.

- A Business Plan will then have to be developed and lodged with relevant ministers.

- If the numbers stack up a formal EOI will take place mid next year.

- If there is interest from developers a Development Plan for the precinct will be drafted by late 2019.

- Then there will be a period of public consultation in early 2020.

- Planning permits could be issued for a development by late 2020.

- Work could possibly begin in 2021.

- Council will continue to advocate for state government funds for public infrastructure.

- More information on the process can be found on the COS website>About Council>minutes and agendas>Dec. Ordinary Meeting Agenda

- A report on the renewal of the AB Harbour Management Agreement is also in the same agenda.

- Is it time for COS to hand back the management of the harbour to the state government?

- Are the problems with the control of the Undaria seaweed and dredging issues more than our small shire can handle?

- Who’s going to be liable if a private boat  is damaged by the sand clogging the harbour and entrance?

- The walkways to the floating marinas are now being damaged on extreme low tides?

- A lot more funding and research and ACTION is needed immediately before a serious accident occurs.

- If the current situation continues we soon won’t have a usable harbour that any developer will be interested investing in!!

- Council delayed the vote to sign the agreement to gather further information.

- The new beach inside the harbour is attracting swimmers and increasing the chances of an accident occurring, so more signage is needed.

- The Objectors group for the Barham Valley resort now has over 700 members.

- Council voted to send the proposal direct to the Minister of Planning at their Nov. meeting

- Councillors may have to indicate their position for or against the proposal at the Jan. council meeting.

- So start lobbying them now!!

- There will be another public meeting on Jan. 12th or 13th, at the youth club, to discuss the proposal.

- Councillors, staff and the developer will be invited.

- The cost of opposing the proposal with expert witnesses and reports, at a planning panel, could cost at least $50,000.

- Why should our community have to put up with this imposition when very few people support the proposal??

- Let’s hope our councillors are on our side!!

- A fundraising concert is also scheduled for Sat. Jan. 27th at the youth club.

- Show your support and drop in at the Objectors office in Moore St. for all the latest news.


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