Otway Forum Report

11th March 2018
OTWAY FORUM MEETING No. 310 - Mar. 11 2018

Apology Cr. Stephen Hart.

- Directions hearing for Planning Ministers panel hearings on the Barham mega resort this week.

- Will the panel call for more information as COS has?

- Will the developer provide the information required before this month’s council meeting in Apollo Bay?

- Will there be public submissions on any new information provided by the developer before any panel hearings?

- Council meeting on Wed. March 28th Apollo Bay Community Centre, 4pm

- Other items possibly on the agenda could be harbour management agreement and dredging issues and reopening Mariners Falls walk.

- Large sand drifts across GOR at the back beach last month with strong dry easterly winds.

- Pt Lonsdale is moving forward with plans for groynes to widen and heighten their front beach to combat increasing storm surges and rising sea levels.

- We need this long term planning and commitment now or we will be last in the queue!!   

- Harbour Project Control Group to meet on the 26th to look at the Business Case for a redevelopment?

- If this stacks up and is approved by the Minister, a formal Expression of Interest process is the next stage.

- Councillors have decided not to support the current Development Plan for 6280 and 6230 GOR.

- VCAT to have a compulsory conference with the developer and council this week.

- Councillors have approved expenditure of $100,000 for new public rubbish bins in the township and harbour areas.

- Perhaps the parking officer can monitor these new bins?

- The search for a new CEO has begun again!

- Blackberries along roadsides have been sprayed recently but signage is insufficient.

- Blackberries should be sprayed in spring time for better results and before fruit is set.


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