Bushfire 16/1/14

Around 8pm on the 16th Jan. lightning started a small bushfire in the hill above the Pisces caravan Park near Wild Dog Road.  Easily seen from the Great Ocean Road, 000 received over 200 calls.  Thunderstorm conditions meant very uncertain wind direction making fire planning very difficult and with northerly gusting winds the safety of town was certainly at risk.

Initially Apollo Bay CFA responded with two tankers and a support vehicle, with lightning flashing all round another fire was reported in Tiger Lane, Skenes Creek and one tanker was sent to investigate, at this stage Wye River CFA were called in to assist.  This subsequently turned out to be a false alarm.

Meanwhile access to the fire front was proving difficult due to the steep terrain and lack of vehicle access and crews were forced to hike in.  Using only knapsacks and rake-hoes the fire was quickly under control and by 11pm was completely blacked out.


apollo bay radio