otway healthOtway Health Funding Result

24 September 2014

Breathing a sigh of relief for now.

Excerpt from Barwon Medicare Locals Press Release; Access to Allied Health Services in Rural Areas Project, 23rd September 2014

"As an outcome of meetings held between Barwon Medicare Local and Otway Health the following commitments have been made:

  • The Access to Allied Health Services in Rural Areas project will continue to progress as per the agreed process to ensure that clinical services needs for the Otway and other regions are identified.

  • Barwon Medicare Local will commit to provide funding to Otway Health for the period of 1 January to 30 June, 2015 at the same level as currently funded"

The full version of this document is available on the Otway Health website.

This favourable result can be credited to the overwhelming support shown by our fabulous community.  We had 486 responses to our survey and many detailed letters of support.  Thankyou to everyone who helped us retain our current funding levels, we look forward to being able to provide you with these vital services.

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