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11th June 2018


61st Apollo Bay Golf Club Annual June Tournament

Wed. 6 Jun - Men’s 4BBB Stableford Sponsor Forty Winks Ballarat. Winners: Lance Thomas and Ray Matthews 46 points. R/up: Bewley Marlow and Bernie Coller 43 points, next best Bill Spencer and Neil Hickman 41 points. N/P 1/10 Bernie Perry, A grade and Phil Kennedy A grade on 9/18.

Thu. 7 Jun - Women’s 4BBB stableford sponsored by Apollo Bay Bakery. Winners: Katrina Hammond and Karen Matheson 46 points, Runners up: Chris Angus and Sue Neil 40 points.  Best 9 out: Loretta Roberts and Vicki Hannah 20, Best 9 in: Nellie Cashmore and Donna Weller on a C/B from Caroline Wren and Jean Hansen.

Fri. 8 Jun - Women’s 27 hole open Championship sponsor- Community Care Chemist and Apollo Bay Community Bendigo Bank. A Grade Winner: Johanna Wyllie 3/121 and runner-up Vicki Hannah 14/136. 27 hole nett winner: Stacey Thomas 16/113, runner-up Janine Lunney 18/120. 18 hole nett winner: Jenny McKeon 16/80 NTP 1-10-19 Jan Stewart Longest Drive: Johanna Wyllie.  B Grade: 27 hole open: Janice McKenzie 24/150 Runner-up Debbie O’Shannessy22/154 on c/B from Lorretta Roberts. 27 hole nett winner Jeanette Dodds 36/114 27 hole nett runner-up Sandra Toone 27/114 ½ .  18 hole nett winner: Jan Shaw 30/80 NTP 1-10-19: Colleen MacTaggart.  Longest Drive Judy Bennett, NTP 9-18-27 Jan Shaw.  Post Teams: J. Wyllie77, V. Hannah 76, S. Toone, 76 and J. Shaw 80=309. Best overall nett Stacey Thomas 113.

Sat. 9 Jun - Men’s 18 hole Stableford- sponsor Apollo Bay Building Group. A Grade Winner: Ryley Westwick 5/37 on C/B from runner-up Matt Silk+1 37.  Next Best Alistair McKenzie 9/35. NTP 1/10 A. McKenzie 9/18: Ben Hinds. B Grade winner: Alex Baird 17/38m runner-up Wilfred Rink 28/37 Next Best: David Hand 18/36 on a c/B from Willie Kifoto and Ken Johnson.

Mixed Pinehurst – sponsor Smyth’s Real Estate.  Winners: Caroline Dickins(15) and John Owen (0) 64 3/8.  Runners-up: Kerryn (24) and Don (9) Wagstaff 64 5/8.  Gross winners: Johanna (3) and Brett (12) Wylie 72.  Gross runners-up Vicki Hannah (14) and Paul Kennedy (+1) 74 NTP 1/10 women: Johanna Wyllie.  Men: Bill Spencer. 9/18 Men: Keith Alford.

Sun. 10 Jun - Men’s 27 hole Open Championships sponsor: Apollo Bay Bendigo Community Bank. Winner A Grade Matthew Silk: 97 Gross.  Runner-up: Mitch Crabbe 101 gross.  27 hole nett winner: Darren Gill 97 ½. Runner-up Mark Shortis 98 ½.  18 hole nett winner: Guy Holman 64 nett. NTP 1-10-19 and 9-18-27 Matthew Silk. Longest drive: Ryan Sealey,

B Grade: Winner Alistair McKenzie 113 won in a play-off with runner-up Matt Tench 113.  27 hole nett winner: Neil Hinds 101 ½ nett.  Runner-up Shane Hondow 102 nett. 18 hole nett winner: Chris Hansen 66 on C/B from Michael Hedger. NTP 1-10-19 Matt Tench and 9-18-27 Neil Hinds.  Longest Drive: Ed Morrissy.

C Grade: Winner: Jason Newcombe 125 gross. Runner-up Wil Kifoto 130. 27 hole nett winner Doug Biggs 105 nett, runner-up: John Nankervis 105 nett. 18 hole nett winner: David Hand 68 nett, David also had the longest drive. NTP 1-10-19: David Wagstaff and on 9-18-27 Jeff McKeon.  Eagle: Mitch Crabbe on 15th.  Overall nett winner, left handed Darren Gill: 97½.

Mon. 11 Jun - 2-man Ambrose was won by Don and David Wagstaff with 60 ¼ .  Runners-up David Hand and Tim McClelland scored 61 ¼ . Gross winners, Ben and Neil Hinds had 68. Runners-up Toby Sauni and David Harvey scored 69.  NTP 1/10 in A grade was Phil Kennedy and in B grade: David Hand. On 9/18 Toby Sauni was nearest.

Mixed 4BBB Stableford sponsored by Apollo Bay Gas and Electrical was won by Kerryn and David Wagstaff with 42 points.  Runners-up Nicole Newell and Ben Hinds had 40 points as did next best Jeanette and Mike Dodds. 2nd next best D. Debon and M Gilbert 39 points, C/B 3rd next best, Janice and Graeme  McKenzie and 4th best Norma Begely and Neil Hinds 38 points on C/B from Joycie Henderson and Jason Newcombe, Jill and Scott Fowler and Stacey Thomas and Michael Hedger. Nearest the pin 1/10 Women: Jenny McKeon, Men : Scott Fowler.

9/18 Women (2nd shot) Kerryn Wagstaff, Men: David Wagstaff.

Thank you to all our sponsors, organisers and helpers, and a special thank you to our amazing caterer Helen Stephens and her band of assistants.

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