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12th February 2018


Wed. 7 Feb - Men’s 18 Hole 4 Week Stableford - Round 2 - Winner A Grade: Chris Hansen had a day out! Not only did he score nearest the pin on 1st/10th and 9th/18th holes but he  won the competition  with 44 points followed by runner-up Colin Coleman with 41 points. In B Grade Alan Rowarth was the winner with 37 points on a Count-back from Rick Johnston who was runner-up, and Manuel Quintana.  Rick also gained a nearest the pin on the 1st/10th.

Thu. 8 Feb - Women’s Summer Cup - Round 1 - produced the following winners: 0-27 Jill Fowler 87-21-66, runner-up Sandra Toone 94-26-68. In the 28-45 division Martha Macintyre won with 96-32-64 and Faith Morrissy was the runner-up with 106-39-67.  The putting was won in A grade by Jill Fowler, in a count-back from Sandra Kent 29 putts and in B Grade Adele Rowarth won with 28 putts.

Fri. 9 Feb - Chicken Run - winners were:  Geoff Vesey 24 points, Don O’Meara 22 points, and Jan Coleman 20 points.

Sun. 11 Feb - Apollo Bay played Colac in the Blackwood cup Challenge which was a stableford event taking the best 8 of 11 scores for each team.  This was followed by lunch- thank you to the Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-operative. Apollo Bay was the winner 277 to Colac 239. Best players for Colac were Dane Robinson and Darin Garner, Darin gaining a nearest the pin shot on both 1st/10 and the 9/18th holes. Apollo Bay’s top scorers were Brian McKenzie and Ray Matthews.  The 2nd round of the Summer Cup was won by Brian McKenzie 61 nett and runner-up was Peter Collard with 64 nett.  In B Grade Dick McGrath won with nett 64 and in a count-back Ray Matthews was runner-up.  John Nankervis was nearest the pin on 9th/18th.

Mon. 12 Feb - Women’s 9 Hole Stableford - In beautiful sunny weather 18 players took to the course with the following results: A Grade, Dawn Thomas 18 points, Runner-up Mariette Deppeler, on a count-back from Sandra Toone 17 points.  B Grade winner Sally Stone had 20 points, with runner-up Maureen Vesey, who also netted a nearest the pin, gaining 18 points.

Coming up

The Chicken Run continues on Friday each week. Please make up your own groups.


The Women’s Committee has decided to have 4 “learner days” of golf beginning Monday 12th February (after our usual 9 hole competition) from 4.30-5.30pm. 

So any women or junior players interested in getting back to playing golf, or if you wish to learn to play, our women members will give you instruction, and will play 3 holes of golf with you.

A small trophy will be awarded. Clubs are available, and there is no charge.

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