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22nd April 2017

Sailors come in many shapes, made both of boys and girls.
Tacking, gybing, reaching, close hauled; sails reefed or furled.
When wind is up or breeze about, you’ll find them out at sea.
Slicing through that briny mix, hearts contented as can be!

Thanks to Russell and Crock for volunteering to man the duty boat, this week’s race was sailed in a gentle 7 knot westerly. On a lovely little port, 3 triangle, beat to the finish course that was in the end much more enjoyable than the sum of its parts would suggest.

The keel boat start was a beautiful sight with all boats coming up the start line on starboard, except Wild Rose who chose a port start from the opposite end of the line. For a moment there was the opportunity for WR to tack over and possibly head the fleet but the moment passed very quickly, putting them in a position which meant they needed to cross behind all other boats (starboard having right of way). From this moment on the keel boats race was fought out between Boheme and Argonaut with WR unable to claw back the lost metres. Some of the big boats often sail with either changing or inexperienced crew which makes their results even more impressive especially if sailing in close quarters. The other match up that was worth watching was between Quickmatch and Interlude. The former just making more ground than the later when both boats headed off on differing tacks (on the third upwind) which gave QMatch a small margin at race end.

Ziff was unbeatable once again in the dinghies. The Yard Stick result is the benchmark for the small boats and the YS results below tell the story. It was another fantastic race to hoik up the spinnakers with enough air to keep them flying well with the relatively smooth sea conditions. The Miss Molly crew threw everything into their race but to no avail. Ziff’s pointing is something to behold. The Fireball (Champagne Jam) probably needed another few knots to really get into her groove but her crew looked plenty happy with their day out. Wal was sailed solo and Andrew enjoyed his day despite a sail malfunction early in the race.


Results on return of handicapper will be posted on the club facebook site.

Heat 10 - J&C Marriner Earthworks Post Xmas Series
Heat 23 - Café 153 Club Championships

1st Miss Molly

2nd Ziff

3rd Champagne Jam

Yard Stick

1st Ziff

2nd Champagne Jam

3rd Miss Molly

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