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29th April 2017

This Saturday was our last race for the 2016/ 17 season. It was also our “mini grand final”. Three boats were within four points of each other in the club handicap championship. Interlude with Ziff just three behind them and Wild Rose just one off that.

The pre season planning had also aligned our most successful sailor (Morgan) to be “Officer of the day” on the Duty Boat. Morgan likes quick briefings, short start lines, even shorter finish lines and also had the individual recall flag ready at hand.

After briefing an informal discussion took place, amongst some of the sailors, about whether or not everyone should just follow Interlude around the course, like the last day of some kind of weird, watery Tour de France just following the winner into Paris, as it were. In the end it was decided that it would not work as everyone else would have to drop their main sails to allow them to sail that slowly. Professional jealousy and name calling aside, there was to be no “cup of tea and cake” aboard Interlude today as Ziff and Wild Rose had their “racing faces” on.

Six keel boats hit the line early and 5 of them had to run down the line towards the pin leaving Interlude to pull around the duty boat at speed. Boheme and Argonaut were never more than a few metres apart and even after a nice little passing maneuver around one mark by Argo it was Boheme taking line honours.

Quickmatch called Wild Rose for right of way possibly ending WR’s bid for glory?? (just putting it out there)

Ziff hit the second start and stayed there all day but not fast enough to ruin the “Interlude show”. Miss Molly and April Dancer challenged but their lack of concentration in following a shifting West to SW wind denied them a win. The Fireball (Champagne Jam) tipped over next to the duty boat, to the sound of cheers and clapping (it may or may not have been coming from the duty boat.... Morgan???), ending their chance.

The two Ynglings skippered by Crock and Stephan had a great tussle all day as they have many times this year. Crock just doing enough to take Yngling line honours. Ten plus One had a great race holding out a fast finishing W R, crossing the very short finish line on port, scaring Morgan (who now understands the need for a slightly longer line for 40ft boats).

All in all it was a cracking last day, with a few boats having the chance to clip Interlude’s wings. But in the end none were up to the challenge.

Congratulations to the 2017 Handicap winners John Marriner, Laurie Shaw and Bruce Thomas for finally getting your hands on the most coveted of prizes. Enjoy the off season lads because all will be gunning for you next year.

Congratulations also to Lisa and Shotty, only a couple of points stopped them from becoming the double Yardstick and Handicap Champs.



Results on return of handicapper will be posted on the club facebook site.


Heat 11 - J&C Marriner Earthworks Post Xmas Series

Heat 24 - Café 153 Club Championships

1st Interlude

2nd Ziff

3rd Champagne Jam

Yard Stick

1st Ziff

2nd Champagne Jam

3rd Miss Molly

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