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14th October 2019
Thank You Simon & Burkey; Yr10 Road Safety; Yr10 Mock Interviews; School Fete

A big thank you to Simon Witham for using his excavator to construct two long raised rows in the school’s food garden. The rows are within a new chook run and will be for planting fruit trees to further enhance our kitchen garden program. All it took was a phone call Saturday evening and Simon was there Sunday morning. As usual Simon says “this is a love job you know”. Thanks also to Burkey for helping to cover the rows to suppress the weeds. Our school is very fortunate with the support it receives from the community.

Year 10 students have a road safety session with a Vic Roads educator in the lead up to their driving camp and practical driving experience now many have their Ls.

Year 10s also have mock job interviews with very generous business owners and professionals from around town. They'll get to experience trying to sell themselves to prospective employers. Sadly no shoulder pads are required in this era.

Remember the fete is on the 4th November.


ab p12cFor more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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