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28th October 2019
Yr8 Billy Cart Race; School Fete; Prep-Yr9 Public Transport Safety Talk; Yr12 Exams; Walk to School Day

Pretend engines will rev and helmets will be donned for the annual Year 8 billy cart race down Seaberg Court. There should be some highly creative constructions on show and plenty of amusing moments!

Our school fete is on next Monday at 3pm, please come along to see what our students have made, do some shopping, listen to music and to eat a delicious dinner.

Students from Prep – 9 will listen to a Monash University professor talking about safety and rules on public transport and how a Tim Tam thrown out of a bus window actually caused a bad accident. True story.

Year 12s kick off their exams with a three hour English one, and onwards from there.

Friday is Walk to School Day, where we all walk together from various points around town to celebrate the novelty of…walking to school. Hopefully this will turn into a regular occurrence for many, where possible!


ab p12cFor more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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