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11th November 2019
Yr 12s Finish; Yr 11s Leap; P-2 Possum Magic; War on Waste; Books

Year 12 students finish their last exams this week (well, final one for a couple of students on Monday). They also have a farewell dinner with staff and parents, reminiscing about the 13 years of schooling.

Year 11s sit their exams this week as well, before they head into their ‘Leap’ program which starts them on their Year 12 subjects.

P-2 students hop on a bus and head over the hill to Colac to watch the stage show version of ‘Possum Magic’.

War on Waste students visit three businesses who are making changes to reduce waste in Apollo Bay. Thank you to the RAWR Bar, Second Sails Op Shop and Bob Telford from the Bulk Food Co-op for showing us around.

We continue to collect books for the Monster Book sale on the 5th of January – donations of good quality books to the south end of the Leisure Centre.


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Nicola Philp

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