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10th February 2020
Yrs 3-8 Shipwrecks Exhibition Visit; International Trip Presentation; Yrs P-8 Info Night

It's ships ahoy (or possibly rocks ahoy) this week as students in Year 3-8 visit the shipwrecks exhibition on the foreshore, adding more facts about the town they live in to their minds (and an appreciation for modern sailing vessels).

The students on the (fairly) recently returned International Trip 2019 give a full-length presentation to their peers about their experiences. Photos and stories will be shared in the hope of making those who didn’t go jealous and also to inspire the upcoming students to take up the opportunity.

Tuesday 18th is a big night of information for families from P-8 with various sessions happening with regards to classroom operation, maths and assessment. Please contact the office if you are unsure when or where to go.


ab p12cFor more information please contact the College on (03) 5237 6483.

Nicola Philp

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