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Colac Otway jobseekers urged to register for Working for Victoria
May 18, 2019

Do you need a job? Have you lost work due to the COVID19 situation?

Colac Otway Shire residents who are out of work because of coronavirus restrictions are urged to register with Work for Victoria now.

The Government’s $500 million Working for Victoria initiative, aims to create employment for people who have lost work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic while delivering a valuable community service.

Colac Otway Development and Community Services General Manager Ian Seuren said Colac Otway Shire had applied to be part of the Working for Victoria program and he encouraged local people who were looking for work to make sure they were registered.
“The Working for Victoria program could provide vital opportunities for people who have lost their income to find work through a variety of temporary positions created through the initiative.

“Residents, particularly in our small and coastal communities where tourism and hospitality industries are so important, will be able to earn money again, which will boost the local economy and the roles they fill will help the community.

“Working for Victoria jobs, such as cleaning public infrastructure, retail centres and shopping strips to help build community confidence during the staged lifting of restrictions, are already being rolled out in other municipalities.

“So it’s important that anyone who needs work in Colac Otway Shire is on the register and has an opportunity to be part of this program as our community starts the recovery phase of the pandemic.”

For more information on Working for Victoria and to register, go to


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