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Apollo Bay harbour dredging project update
May 28, 2019

Essential dredging work to improve safety and access for boats, and secure the economic viability of the Apollo Bay harbour is 85 per cent complete and reached the target depth.

Colac Otway Shire Mayor Cr Jason Schram said the $1.05-million project, funded by the Victorian Department of Transport, was progressing well and that progress was clearly visible from aerial images of the harbour.

“Siltation of harbour had been identified as the most significant issue for Port users and stakeholders impacting the continuing viability of the Port,” Cr Schram said.

“There was an increasing risk for boats entering the harbour and the potential for our commercial fishing industry to be affected by the build-up of sand at the Port

“This dredging project addresses that issue and the progress to date has been significant.

“We have achieved our target depth of -3.5m in the majority of the dredging area with a total of approximately 53,000m3, or 5,300 truckloads, of sand removed from inside the harbour.

“As expected, the dredging work has resulted in dark-coloured water and sediments in the plume and along surrounding beaches.

“However the dredge is now at the eastern end, where there is more sand, and is producing a much clearer, faster-settling plume.

“Once the dredging operations are complete, any water and sand discolouration is expected to dissipate within 72 hours.

“Daily water quality monitoring is being undertaken in accordance with in our environmental management plan and results continue to below any threshold levels.

“The long term benefits for our community, our fishing industry and tourism from the dredging project are significant and we are looking forward to the project completion,” the Mayor said.

“The Department of Transport’s $1.05-million investment in the dredging project will provide massive long term benefits for our community, our fishing industry and the tourism industry.”


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