Colac Otway encourages community support to continue
July 30, 2020

Colac Otway Shire’s Mayor is encouraging the community to support their friends and family who work at ALC and other businesses impacted by positive COVID case results as they follow the testing process and prepare to return to work.

“ALC is a major industry and vital employer, and both the company and hundreds of employees have gone through a tough time over the past two weeks,” Mayor Cr Jason Schram said.

“Other businesses and our schools have also been impacted by COVID cases and our entire community has challenges ahead to reduce the spread of coronavirus and maintain a positive focus on recovery and rebuilding.

“ALC, along with our other industry operators and businesses, had acted on government advice and had precautionary measures in place to protect their workers and minimise spread.

“We commend and thank these employers and schools for their efforts to keep the wider community informed and the support they have provided to all those impacted through the testing and self-isolation process to reduce the spread.

“The willingness of local residents to respond by staying home and wearing masks, without this being enforced by government restrictions, demonstrates the strength, care and supportiveness of our community.

“The next step for Colac will be ensuring people feel supported as they go back to their work places or schools.

“Hundreds of ALC workers who have returned negative tests will complete their isolation period tonight, and school communities impacted by COVID and the testing process will also be looking forward resuming classes when it’s safe to do so.

“It’s expected people will be keen to get back to their work places and sense of normality, but we understand there will also be some initial concern or uncertainty,” he said.  

“I want to reassure our community that Colac Otway Shire is committed to working alongside local businesses and industries through the COVID relief and recovery process, and I congratulate our business leaders on their Keep Colac Safe initiative.”


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