Maintenance options for Melbourne-based property owners
October 13, 2020

Holiday home or rental owners who are unable to travel to maintain their properties due to COVID restrictions are being encouraged to use local businesses to clean-up their yards.

Colac Otway Chief Executive Peter Brown said recent high rainfall and the forecast of more rain has minimised the current fire risk, and Fire Prevention Notices could not be issued outside the normal process.

“Our fire prevention program will proceed as scheduled with inspections commencing in mid-November, and properties that are deemed to have an unacceptable level of risk will be issued a Fire Prevention Notice,” Mr Brown said.

“Those property owners will be required to complete the specified works within the timeframe given to reduce the hazard, or potential hazard on their property.

“We have received requests for notices from Melbourne-based property owners who would like to travel to maintain their properties.

“However Council can’t issue a Fire Prevention Notice, which is a legal document, unless an inspection has identified an unacceptable level of risk.

“If property owners want to prepare for summer ahead of time, there are local contractors who can slash and mow grass, trim gardens and clean gutters, which will take care of any maintenance concerns and help the local economy.

“Council is encouraging local contractors to list their business details, including the area they provide services and capabilities, on the Colac Otway Business Directory. 

“We understand that property owners might prefer to do their own maintenance – and we hope that before there is a fire risk, restrictions lift and it’s safe to visit our shire again.

“However until travel restrictions for Melbourne residents change, there are reliable local contractors who, like other small business owners, have had a tough year and will appreciate the work.”

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