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BMX Jumps Removed For Community’s Safety
March 23, 2021

Colac Otway Shire is urging parents and bike riders of all ages to understand the safety risks of building bike jumps on public land and Council’s obligation to remove them if built without authorisation on Council land.

Council’s Environment and Infrastructure General Manager Tony McGann said Colac Otway’s parks and public spaces are designed and maintained by Council with our community’s safety and enjoyment as a priority.

“We understand there is demand for local bike tracks and that building some bike jumps might seem like harmless fun – and that’s fine if people are building them in their backyard or farm,” Mr McGann said.

“However Council is obligated to level the ground and remove these ‘home-made’ jumps on Council land to prevent risk to the community.

“There is considerable planning required to design and construct bike tracks which have regulated distance between jumps and are on areas of land where other riders and members of the public are not at risk.

“Council cannot leave these tracks, which have been appearing on the sides of streets and on recreational land across the shire, regardless of how safe riders and parents believe they may be.

“The adult or teenager who built the jump may be able to safely navigate it however when it’s on public land, it’s potentially dangerous for anyone who comes across it.

“It is important that members of our community understand why Council has had to level unauthorised jumps, and moving forward, how Council and our community can work together to a better and safer outcome, particularly for our young people who like to tackle these types of jumps.

“Colac Otway is fortunate to have the Forrest Mountain Bike Trails, and other tracks in the shire for bike riders of varying degrees of skill.

“There are also opportunities for Council to consider designing and building specialised bike tracks in the future, if the community indicates demand and support for these facilities, and funding is available.

“Council encourages community input into the development of its budget each year and is currently asking residents to complete an online survey to help guide the development of Colac Otway’s 30-year Vision,” Mr McGann said.

“If BMX or bike tracks are important to you, or other community facilities or services, let us know by completing our current online survey”.

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