Council issues an emergency order regarding the Apollo Bay IGA building
May 12, 2017

Council has issued an emergency order requiring necessary safety works to be carried out on the Apollo Bay IGA building due to ongoing concerns about the safety of the building’s verandah.

Works required to be undertaken immediately include the provision of security fencing or hoarding along the footpath and safe and secure access for entry to the store through the hoarding, as well as appropriate support of the verandah at the access point.

The emergency order allows the building’s owner the options of either 48 hours to comply and undertake the required remedial work, or the building’s closure until the required works are carried out to Council’s satisfaction.

Development and Community Services General Manager Gareth Smith said that unlike a building order, an emergency order eliminated the need for a planning or building permit, which promoted expediency and lessened disruption. “Council always prefers to work with building owners to resolve compliance issues without the need to take further action,” Mr Smith said. “Officers have been working with the building’s owners and the tenants are assisting in this process. On this occasion, it has been necessary for Council to take further action due to Council’s overriding responsibility to protect public safety.”

Mr Smith said the emergency order came as a last resort after the building’s owners were unable to comply with Council’s requests relating to a previous building order issued on 17 February 2017 which required them to:

• prevent public access to the affected area
• obtain a structural engineer’s report specifying any remedial work required to make the building safe
• obtain a building permit to carry out the remedial work.

Council’s Municipal Building Surveyor has issued the emergency order to allow necessary remediation measures to take place to ensure the building is safe. Council is committed to working with the building’s owners to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Quotes attributable to Gareth Smith, General Manager, Development & Community Services


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