2002 absfSubmerged in the land

25th February 2020
There can be no healthy life without healthy land and soil. It's a compelling discussion.
Regenerative farming, recovery from the bushfires, and caring for country.
Matthew Evans - Tasmanian based chef, restaurateur and farmer, former food critic, presenter of the SBS program Gourmet Farmer, food activist.
Niels Olsen - regenerative farmer, developer of the Soilkee Renovator; recipient of the first carbon credits for a soil carbon project under the Emissions Reduction Fund and the Paris Agreement.
Shane Buckley - oyster farmer Wapengo Rocks Oysters .
Dr Jack Pascoe - a Yuin man, scientist, and conservation ecologist at the Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre.
Kristy Stewart - 5th generation sheep and agroforestry farmer, member of the Otways Agroforestry Network.
Max Allen - journalist, author and raconteur who has been writing and talking about booze for 25 years.

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