Creating an Arts and Industry Integrator in Apollo Bay

29th June 2017

Our Vision: Development of a creative food, arts, science, education and technology & publishing business incubator / accelerator / integrator which supports and stimulates successful, creative and rewarding work for a number of Apollo Bay residents.

So far:

1. The building at 14 Oak Ave has been identified as suitable for the incubator.

2. We have held two formal meetings and a number of informal discussions. We have 8 investors willing to commit $50,000 each to purchase the suggested venue.

3. A contract draft has been commissioned based on strata titled arrangement.

4. A draft plan for the building has been commenced.

5. A number of potential tenants have expressed interest in using/building suitable spaces within the designated building.

6. Regional Development Victoria has been approached to provide funds for a fit out of the venue.

7. A targeted purchase date of October 31st has been set.

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