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Q&A Panel Discussions

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new community initiative which we hope will interest every Apollo Bay resident.

From September 7th the Chamber of Commerce (in harmony with our wonderful Community Discussion group) will hold a Question & Answer panel discussion at the bottom pub. The program will be conducted along the lines of the ABC’s high rating Q&A program. Everyone is invited to join us in this FREE event from 7pm to 9 pm. Meals and drinks will be available if desired and you will be welcome to ask the guest speakers and moderator, the venerable Bob Knowles, any questions relating to the topic. The theme of all Q&A Sessions will be the economic future of Apollo Bay and our region.

On September 7th we are delighted to introduce the question is “The Apollo Bay Fishing Village - Fact or Fallacy?” Speakers will include local fish cooperative members Nick Polgeest (Chair, Apollo Bay Fishing Cooperative) and Markus Nolle (Chair, Seafood Industry Victoria and local cray fisher person) and Wayne Diffey from Apollo Bay Surf ‘N Fish will present the amateur fisher person perspective. We are also working to include an academic from Deakin University to further liven up the discussion.

These speakers will give an overview of past and present initiatives in our local fishing industry and discuss the future trends and potentials for fishing both here and in the wider Victorian context. Please join us on the 7th September at the Bottom Pub.

Les Cameron for the ABCC Q&A organising committee

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