Taking Care of the Great Ocean Road - April 2018 Update

April 9, 2018

To safeguard the future of the Great Ocean Road we're planning vital geotechnical, drainage and asphalt repairs at Mount Defiance. This work will require a detour between 28-31 May.

Great Ocean Road Upgrade

Since 2013, the Australian and Victorian governments have invested $100 million to upgrade the Great Ocean Road. Work has included resurfacing, bridge replacement and the installation of new drainage at 100 locations.

Geotechnical Resilience

Following landslides that closed the road in September 2016, the Victorian Government has invested a further $53 million to protect the road against rock fall and landslips with retaining walls, soil nailing and rock netting.

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Built by WWI diggers and almost 90 years old, the Great Ocean Road requires special care and maintenance because of its age, weather and wild landscape.

There is now a pressing need to make extensive repairs to a 2km section of the road at Mount Defiance. This is a section of the road that is high and narrow, in an area where there is not enough room to safely run traffic alongside machinery and road work.

Detour: 28 – 31 May 2018

Given the amount of work we need to do, we have planned a four day/night roadwork blitz between Monday 28 May – Thursday 31 May. During this time, we will detour Great Ocean Road traffic. Access to all towns will remain open while the detour is in place.

We acknowledge and apologise for the disruption that these repair works may cause. This work is critical to improving the long-term future of the road and keeping everyone safe.

Great Ocean Road detour: Monday 28 May – Thursday 31 May 2018

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To reduce risk of landslips, we need to make these repairs before heavy winter rains.

Work has been scheduled for late May, as this is a period of lower rainfall and one of the lowest visitation periods in the year.

Planned works
Geotechnical repairs

• Repair of eight high-risk geotechnical hazard sites

• Rock descaling from cliffs to reduce risk of rock fall

Drainage repairs

• Repair and clearing of blocked and broken drains

• Replacement of six culverts (drains) under the road

Asphalt repairs

• Great Ocean Road detour: Monday 28 May – Thursday 31 May 2018

• Repair of damaged areas of road surface

Community sessions

If you would like to find out more or ask a question in person, join us at one of our community sessions in mid-April.


Wye SLSC - Monday 16 April, 4–6pm


Apollo Bay Golf Club - Tuesday 17 April, 4–6pm


Cumberland Resort - Wednesday 18 April, 4-6pm


Anglesea SLSC - Thursday 19 April, 4–6pm


Multicultural Hub, Purple Room 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne (opp. Queen Vic Market) - Thursday 19 April, 4–6pm

Working with communities

We want to make sure everyone has the information they need to plan for the detour period.

We are working with residents, emergency services, schools, traders/operators, tourism bodies and authorities to ensure visitors and locals alike can access all services along the coast.

In coming weeks, we will be meeting with groups and individuals to help and support them in their preparation.

Get in Touch & More Information

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