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18th December 2017

ABSC members are a pretty predictable bunch really. Out on the bay every Saturday, sailing around three triangles, coming in and enjoying a quiet chat and, if they are feeling particularly racy, maybe a cup of tea. But not this weekend…oh no, not this weekend.

Zephyr whisperers, Bill and Steve (WildRose), would have none of that, firstly setting up a course with a port triangle followed by two starboard ones, and, not content with a “direction change” but also including a “reaching start”; can you believe it? And as if that were not crazy enough, Ten + One found a bird’s nest in their boom and the predicted wind of 14 knts strengthened to over 22 knts!! It was madness I tellz ya, madness!!!

The reach start for the keel boats went pretty much to plan, except for maybe Ten + One. Things were looking ominous with Interlude (fresh off the slip) fairly blasting around the first triangle in front of Quickmatch and the Tenners. Both boats managed to chase the “slippery old foxes” down (you might need to ask John, Bruce or Laurie about that reference) but not enough to better them on handicap. The other two big boats, Boheme and It’s Magic, were out in front clearly loving the freshening WSWesterly.  

The dinghy start was all Morgan’s with the laser radial Gypsea starting right on the dot and she pretty much carried on from there (good luck at the Laser Nationals in Brisbane over the New Year Morgan). The Flying Fifteens welcomed new (old) boat Euffamism, sailed by Doug and Russell. Obviously up for the big occasion she almost took home 10+1 as a prize after a very close encounter. It was a hard fought first triangle for the ffs but Affrodite really took off after changing to the starboard course, and with what ended up (after a southerly shift) as the closest thing to a beat all day, Tim and Gary had her humming upwind. Ziff (Lisa and Tam) tried to chase them down but to no avail. So as the wind increased it all got pretty exciting with a few spinnakers hoisted.  Positions changed, close calls made and gunnels were deeply embedded in the briny. In amongst it all were new sailors Matt, Belinda and Kate whooping it up on Community Bank and trying their hardest to catch the super Trading Post (Karliyn and Stephan).

And the fun did not stop there because back on shore it was all in for a BBQ extravaganza put on by  Angelika, Heather and helpers. What a great race, what a great bbq, what a great day!

Heat 5  Waterfront Motor Inn Pre Xmas Series

Heat 5 Café 153 Club Championships.

  Handicap Yard Stick
1st Interlude Gypsea
2nd Quickmatch Affrodite
3rd Boheme Ziff
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