Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre AGM

14 October 2019

Thank you to those who attended our AGM last Sunday at the RSL. The following committee was elected:

President: Brian Humphries
Vice Presient: Mel Howell
Secretary: Jane Gross
Treasurer: Barb Birkett
Ordinary Members: Damien Byrne, Brendan Murnane & Edmond Shea

Thanks were extended to outgoing Vice President, John Riches, for his important contribution particularly during the design phase of the project. Also to Anne Rout as Otway Health’s rep on the committee.

You can see how well the frame for the structure to enclose the pool is progressing. Photos are posted on our facebook page and website.

Due to delays beyond our control, the build won’t be completed until early autumn so the pool will NOT be open over the summer months. But once it opens it will be open to the public year-round for a minimum of 20 hours per week and will be well worth the wait!  See further details in the President's Report below.

DONATIONS are still much needed and most welcome as we face unforeseen costs. Pop into the Community Bank or via the website.  Please indicate if you prefer your donation to remain anonymous.

Many thanks

Apollo Bay Aquatic Committee

Please bank your pledge now into Bendigo Bank account Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Inc Fundraising BSB 633-000, Acc No 149612657 or in person at our Community Bank. Remember to include your name or organisation name with your deposit.

Enquiries: Jane (03) 5237 6335 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

President's Report

It is very exciting to be here today to give this report as the President of the Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Committee. It feels like 10 years ago (actually only 2-3) that I met with the then Committee at Hello Coffee who were weighing up their options after finding out that a pool at the harbour was going to be prohibitively expensive. What has transpired since that initial meeting is nothing short of amazing.

As a committee we have managed secure two major grants to build a structure far more impressive than the one I first suggested, ongoing funding for the pool, Education Department approval all of which we thought were the major hurdles in securing a long overdue indoor pool for Apollo Bay. The last 12 months have proven that they were actually the easy stages of this project.

To say that the last 9 months has been frustrating would be a massive understatement but I take my hat off to all members of the Committee for remaining focused on the end goal of achieving and indoor pool for our town no matter the hurdles placed before us. After far too many emails and phone calls to recall we finally secured a building permit and I can’t stop smiling every time I walk towards the pool and see the structure taking shape. It almost makes me forget all that we went through to get to this point.

That said, this is part of the story

  • Heating was installed in November 2018
  • Footings were installed in April having received partial permit
  • Construction began early October

We are far from finished but I am confident that we have put the biggest hurdles behind us and that first swim is not far away. As with any of these types of projects $$$ are always tight (the Community has raised in excess of $270,000 already) and this will be a final hurdle securing the funds to only finish the pool but to ensure it is finished to a standard that reflects the many years of hard work that has gone into this project.

In the last 12 months the school has also appointed a manager for the first two years of the pools operation. Heather Munro (Heather’s Swim School in Colac) was the successful applicant. Heather brings over 20 years of pool operation experience and very excited about the opportunity the pool presents. Heather is very keen to engage the local community and hopes to open the pool to the community more than the minimum 20hrs required by the shire. Heather is a qualified trainer of swimming instructors and hopes to train and use locals to help run the pool. She like all of us can’t wait for the pool to be open.

It is always fraught with danger to thank individuals but I am going to anyway. I have been lucky enough over my almost 20 years in Apollo Bay to be on many committees in a variety of roles. It is safe to say that the role of being President of the Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Committee comes with best perks of any my previous roles. That being that I get to work with Jane Gross, I am simply in awe of her single mindedness and ability to get things done. It is no exaggeration to say without her we wouldn’t have an indoor pool to look forward to. If I have sent 100 emails and made a hundred phone calls Jane would have made a thousand of each. So behalf of not only myself as President but on behalf of the whole community I say thank you!! (This is also the first President's Report she hasn’t written).

The last 12 months has also seen Brendan Murnane join the Committee and his building experience and knowledge have been invaluable. I would like to thank Brendan and Damien Byrne for the many, many hours they have spent on helping secure the permit and all the modifications that has required. I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of John Riches and Anne Rout who have resigned from the Committee recently. John’s contribution and the skills he brought to the Committee during the design phase of this project were very important. Anne Rout, who has been the most recent representative from Otway Health, has been critical in completing the application to the Health Foundation to fund the purchase of 2 aquatic wheel chairs. We are still awaiting outcome.

I look forward to giving the final President's Report 12 months from now in our new indoor pool. Finally thank you to all Committee members and community members who have helped us get to this point.

Brian Humphries
Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Inc.

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