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6th April 2020

It’s been a busy month since the last update with the installation of the ventilation system, lots of plumbing and electrical work and the replacement of the pipework for the pool itself. Last week the slab for the reception/entry area was poured and we hope to reach lock-up in the next couple of weeks. The doors, windows and wall cladding going in, will mean the external structure is near to completion.

As we have previously reported, we have encountered issues that we could not foresee which have pushed us over budget. Regrettably, this means that all of our funds will be expended once we achieve lock up, which will not complete the project. For this reason, over the last couple of months, we have been in negotiation with Colac Otway Shire Council for some assistance. We presented to a Council Briefing last month and expect that our case will go to the forthcoming April Council meeting for consideration.

In explanation, as you know, we have received some $380,000 in Government funding plus in excess of $300,000 that our wonderful community has contributed. Despite keeping accurate cashflows all the way through, a cost overrun has occurred for various reasons. We required a registered builder for insurance and to sign off the building permit and labour cost exceeded our estimates due to insufficient or not sufficiently skilled volunteers. Nor did we envisage the following: a spend of $20,000 for consultant fees to gain a building permit; the extra costs of building a disabled toilet; fire service requirements costs; $20,000 on plant hire; and that the ventilation system would be $20,000 more than the funds provided by Pick My Project due to the structure design.

We have done our best to manage the project on a shoestring budget with the help of so many who have volunteered their time or charged at reduced rates and we sincerely apologise to the community that right now, sadly, we do not have the funds to reach completion. However, we are hopeful that given how close we are, that our Councillors, as our representatives, will appreciate our efforts over the past 9 years, acknowledge the scale of the undertaking by a small group of individuals and assist us to deliver this much-needed community project.

COVID-19 prevents the pool opening but we aim to have it completed and ready post corona.


Please contact the Secretary if you can assist with funds or go to the Apollo Bay Community Bank or the Aquatic Centre website to make your donation.

Please bank your pledge now into Bendigo Bank account Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Inc Fundraising BSB 633-000, Acc No 149612657 or in person at our Community Bank. Remember to include your name or organisation name with your deposit.


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