27 November 2017

Heating & enclosing the Community Pool at the school.

Our presentation to Council Executive & Councillors was well received and now we hope that the running costs for the pool will be included in the forthcoming Council draft budget. If this occurs, we hope to proceed and install the heating in June! Stage 2 to enclose the pool will then follow as soon as we have the funds.

The Annual General Meeting last week was well attended and the following committee was elected:

President - Kate Gillan (Otway Health CEO)

Vice-President - John Riches (Chamber of Commerce)

Secretary - Jane Gross

Treasurer - Barb Birkett

Meloney Howell, Edmond Shea, Damien Byrne, Georgina Harrison & Brian Humphries (Vice-Principal Apollo Bay P-12 College)

Many thanks

to Riley Newton, Catalina Lonie-Richardson, Ella Summers, Seamus Fillmore and The Refuge for the wonderful entertainment;

to Helen & Stuart Hansen for their donation of the raffle prize and Mel for running the raffle which raised $170;

and to all those who attended.


Memberships – only $1 renewal or $2 to join at the Community Bank or on the website

Pledge – pledge forms are available at the Community Bank or the website and will be called upon when we start works

Donations – can be made at the Community Bank or on the website

Lobby your Councillors – this project cannot proceed unless our Council commits to the running costs in the forthcoming budget. We are asking for less than 3% of the rates collected from the Apollo Bay area for running the pool and our area contributes 20% of the total Shire rate revenue. We will be raising all of the capital to heat and enclose the pool and only asking Council for the ongoing running costs.

Enquiries: Jane (03) 5237 6335 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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